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A loan from credit union could make it happen!

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Time for a new car? ...

Borrow up to £8000 from your credit union

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balance your finances ...

don’t panic, consolidating other debts into a credit union loan could help you get on the right track

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New! Smartcash Junior Account

Help your kids learn how to manage their money, for children aged 8 – 16 years

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helping you plan for the future...

‘the future is bright’ when saving with Advance Credit Union
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Bank Holiday Monday 29th May

Credit Union will be closed on Monday 29th May due to the bank holiday.

We will be open as usual on Tuesday 30th May.

Can credit union beat your bank?

ThinkingLoans from Advance Credit Union are more competitive than you might think for any value up to £8,000. Holiday, debt consolidation, new vehicle, or household expenses – give us a try!

Borrow £3,000 – £8,000 from just 9.4%APR

Borrow £1,000 – £3,000 from just 19.6%APR

Borrow £300 – £1,000 from just 21.9%APR

No need to save first (but it helps to get the best rate)

Loan offers are subject to affordability and credit check.

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Old £5 notes no longer accepted

Old paper £5 notes have now been withdrawn by the Bank of England and are not accepted after 5th May 2017.

Don’t worry, they can still be paid in to your bank, building society or post office.

Find out more about the new polymer ‘Winston Churchill’ £5 note plus the new secure £1 coin introduced in March.