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A loan from credit union could make it happen!

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Borrow up to £8000 from your credit union

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don’t panic, consolidating other debts into a credit union loan could help you get on the right track

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New! Smartcash Junior Account

Help your kids learn how to manage their money, for children aged 8 – 16 years

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‘the future is bright’ when saving with Advance Credit Union
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Building work has started!

Our building work has started today, 14th August and will be ongoing till mid September. We will keep disruption to a minimum, but there is likely to be an impact on customer service, so do please bear with us. We will update our website, Facebook and Twitter so please follow us!

Due to building noise we may not be able to answer the phones, so if you need to contact us the best way is our contact us page, email or the green send a message online chat button at the bottom of your screen.

Work is in our back office, creating more space to allow the credit union to continue growing and improve customer service. The front customer area won’t be affected at all.

Credit Union Questionnaire 2017 – Last Chance!

Have you completed our Membership Survey yet? More than 690 of our members have, so only a few days left to be in with a chance of winning a £50 shopping voucher! Advance Credit Union is for members, run by members so your feedback will help us improve our services.
It only takes a few minutes, so click the link to get started.


Please complete this as honestly as you can; the results are being managed by an independent organisation so we won’t be checking up on you!

Not received the email? Try checking your email spam folder, then check with us if we have your correct email address.

No email address? That’s OK, the questionnaire will be available to complete at our counter in Erdington, Chelmsley Wood’s Solihull Connect.

And of course don’t forget you could win a £50 shopping voucher!

Can credit union beat your bank?

ThinkingLoans from Advance Credit Union are more competitive than you might think for any value up to £8,000. Holiday, debt consolidation, new vehicle, or household expenses – give us a try!

Borrow £3,000 – £8,000 from just 9.4%APR

Borrow £1,000 – £3,000 from just 19.6%APR

Borrow £300 – £1,000 from just 21.9%APR

No need to save first (but it helps to get the best rate)

Loan offers are subject to affordability and credit check.

Find out more about our loans.