Universal Credit – Housing Associations

Ready for Universal Credit? We are!

From 6th April 2015 Universal Credit can be paid into Advance Credit Union.

Universal Credit has been expected for some time and now it is upon us. The big worry for Housing Associations is housing benefit being paid direct to the tenant and not to the housing association. There is an increased risk of the rent not being paid and tenants may face arrears action or eviction.

As Universal Credit is paid in arrears, there will also be a 4-week window when benefits stop and UC starts. Tenants should be saving now so they have the resources to get by without an income for that period.

AdvanceCU has many years experience receiving and managing benefits payments, we have more than 2,000 of our members managing their child benefit with us, plus more with LHA, DLA, Direct Payments. We also manage LHA for private landlords.

Advance CU’s Landlord Account ringfences tenants’ rent and ensures it is paid to the landlord.

What’s more, tenants will have access to the range of services offered by AdvanceCU:

Visa Prepaid Card – balance of benefits paid onto a prepaid card; pay at the till, cash from ATM, can’t go overdrawn.

Bill Payments – make sure your essential bills get paid

Affordable Loans – subject to affordability

Internet banking – manage your money 24/7

Regular Savings – build up a financial safety net (mandatory with our loans)

Christmas Club – 25th December every year – be prepared

Life Insurance – included free on our savings and loans (terms and conditions apply)

Our mission is to help our members feel in control of their money, budgeting appropriately and borrowing responsibly.

Contact us for more information about how we could help your housing association build a package of benefits for your tenants.