Keeping a vehicle on the road can involve unexpected surprises. Here’s our suggestions to keeping the costs under control:

  • Budget. What are the annual costs; vehicle insurance, road tax, servicing costs, MOT. Don’t forget about new tyres, wipers and replacement parts.
  • Insurance Get quotes each renewal: check comparison websites, then phone your insurer ask if they can match your best quote. If you’re under 30 or over 70 adding a second driver with a good driving record could make your insurance cheaper.
  • Strange noises? If so, you may have an exhaust, engine or other repair bill to look forward to. Get a few quotes for the repairs soon and get it fixed at a time to suit you rather than waiting till it’s too late when the repair is likely to be more expensive.
  • Tyres prices can vary massively, so shop around. Places like Formula 1 will often price-match.
  • Do your own safety checks. Check tyre tread depths, oil, water and top up the screenwash.
  • Do you really need to drive every journey? Help keep your car mileage down and wear and tear low by using public transport, car sharing, walking or cycling.
  • Drive Carefully accelerating steadily, slowing down well in advance of traffic lights and roundabouts, looking far ahead and anticipating what other road users will do – these all help to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Time to upgrade? Sometimes it can be more cost effective to buy a replacement vehicle rather than keep an old, inefficient, unreliable vehicle on the road.

How Advance Credit Union can help

A personal loan from AdvanceCU could help spread the cost of your annual car insurance, servicing, unexpected repair bills and MOTs. Subject to affordability and credit check.

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Start saving  –  Saving regularly with AdvanceCU can be a great way to put some money aside for vehicle maintenance or even for a new car.

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