From Thursday 5th November England will again be under restrictions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.
We’ve reviewed our arrangements, and for this second lockdown our customer service will continue as usual with staff either home-based or in the office.

We will do our best to keep the customer counter open from 10am-1pm Monday to Friday as usual, but do please use internet banking if possible so we can keep the counter available for new Members presenting their ID and for those who don’t have internet access. If you’ve not activated internet banking yet, it is very simple, and enables us to provide you with a faster service. How to activate internet banking.  

Many thanks to the 1,353 Members who have activated internet banking since the first Lockdown – we couldn’t have done it without you! 

Thanks to everyone for your patience, these are difficult times for us all and we now owe it to our friends, family, NHS and all the other essential workers to do our bit – stay home, wash our hands regularly, wear a face covering and keep at least 2m distancing


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