Engage Account has been a great success for Advance Credit Union; more than 1,000 of our members regularly use their Engage Account. There is no credit check, no overdraft facility and cashback on spending, what’s not to like?!

There are charges on some Engage Account services, but there is often a way to avoid fees and even earn more than the £2 monthly account fee. So here’s our top tips to help you get the most from your Engage Account

Smartphone friendly – Engage Account is designed for modern life, the best way to manage your Account is from your iPhone or Android smartphone. Download the App and your money is at your fingertips 24/7. Apple App store or Android Play Store, search for Engage Card by Contis.



Pay with your phone – not only is your card contactless, you can also make payments with your smartphone using Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Download the Google Pay app or Samsung Pay app to your compatible phone, enter your Engage card details and you’re good to go. 





Free cash – ATMs charge at least 75p for cash withdrawals, so save yourself some pennies and try cashback instead. There is no charge for cashback at the till – just ask the cashier when you pay with your Engage Visa debit card. 

Check your balance – ATMs charge 10p everytime you check your Engage Account balance. Set up Quick balance in the App settings, see your Account balance instantly without login.

Contactless payments – don’t have a contactless Engage card? Just contact Engage and ask for one to be posted to you. 

Easy bill payments – make sure you pay your bills on time – set up Envelopes in the App to put money aside each month to pay your bills. Then set up a standing order to make sure the bill gets paid, even if you forget. See the Envelopes Guide

Pay friends and family – if they have an Engage Account you can instantly send money with just their email address or phone number. FREE.

Free payments – transfer money to your own bank account, pay a bill or someone else for free by selecting ‘3 Working Day Bank Transfer’ – we find that payments often take less than 3 days.  

Track your spending – it is easy to get carried away with debitcard, contactless, online payments – it is true people tend to spend less when handing over real cash. Fortunately your Engage Account provides a monthly statement by logging in to your Engage account https://secure.engagecard.com plus a handy spend analysis on the App home screen so you can easily see where you’ve been spending. It is good idea to check your monthly statements for any unusual or unexpected transactions. 

Cashback – a simple way to earn some money on your spending at Asda, Argos and other selected retailers. There even a calculator to work out how much you could earn www.engageaccount.com/rewards

Smartcash pocket money – children aged 8 or over can have their own account with contactless debit card. A great way to teach them how to manage ‘digital’ money and not overspend on Playstation games! www.advancecu.org.uk/smartcash

Fingerprint login – can’t always remember your 5-digit App PIN? Set up fingerprint sensor login in Settings.

PIN reminder – can’t remember your 4-digit debit card PIN? get a reminder in the App by selecting ‘My Cards’ in the menu.