Fairbanking 5 star Mark

About the Fairbanking Foundation

The Fairbanking Foundation is a research-based charity that believes financial providers owe a duty of care to their customers and the country as a whole – that they should act in the ‘common good.’

The Fairbanking Foundation encourage and assist financial providers, like us, to improve the financial wellbeing of their customers. They believe that customers who enjoy improved financial wellbeing will be happier, have positive and loyal relationships with their financial providers.

What is the Fairbanking Mark

The Fairbanking Mark is the only financial certification scheme in the UK granted accreditation by UKAS. The Fairbanking Foundation work with providers, like us, and evaluate their products against features that are known to improve customers’ wellbeing. Fairbanking Marks range from 3 to the maximum 5 stars.

Advance Credit Union applied and was awarded the prestigious 5-star Fairbanking Mark for its personal loan products.

What does it Mean?

The Fairbanking Mark for an AdvanceCU member means you can be assured of a quality loan product has been assessed by a recognisable and accredited organisation. It shows that AdvanceCU is an organisation that is transparent, fair and honest and ultimately one that is working in the interest of and contributing to the financial wellbeing of its customers.