Whether you need to decorate a bedroom or build an extension, here are our tips for keeping the cost under control:

  • First things first. It’s often best to fix the big things like a leaky roof before the smaller things like decorating a bedroom. Make a list of all the jobs that need doing and decide what is most important.
  • Budget. How much is it all going to cost? What can you afford to do now, and what do you need to save for?
  • One thing at a time. There are many, many of us with part-decorated bedrooms and unpainted skirting boards. It’s always best to complete one task before moving on to the next.
  • Ask your landlord. If you rent your home you often need permission from the landlord before decorating or making any changes to the home, so check first. Some items such as boiler, shower and oven are usually the landlord’s responsibility so may be replaced for you if defective. 
  • It’s all a matter of taste. Not everyone will love your flowery wallpaper and striped carpet combo, so think carefully and ask a few friends for their opinion before spending lots of money. Especially important if you’re intending to sell your house soon.
  • Get three quotes. Always get at least three quotes if you need to use a contractor; it will give you a better idea on cost plus they often have suggestions to make things cheaper
  • Plan ahead. Builders are often booked up months in advance, best to get them booked in at a time to suit you.
  • Learn a few skills. DIY stores often run skills classes, so not only will DIY be cheaper than paying a tradesman, you’ll be much more satisfied with your work if you’ve learnt how to do it properly. Youtube videos can also be a great way to learn how to DIY
  • Pensioner discount. B&Q give 10% discount on Wednesdays to anyone over 60. Even if you’re younger, ask an older friend or relative to go shopping with you.
  • Vouchers. Homebase and others often have discount codes to help cut the cost.

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