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We want to help you manage your money better, and spending less on the essentials means more money for the big stuff such as home improvements, upgrading your car and fun things like holidays and days out. So here’s a few of our tips to reduce the cost of your household bills.


Gas and Electric


Reducing the amount of water you use will help you save money and reduce your costs on bills. Find out how

Watch a few quick ways to reduce your water usage courtesy of Severn Trent.

There are some little-known funds available that can help to either reduce your water bills or a one-off grant. The Consumer Council for Water has a list of schemes providing Help with Water Bills

South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust if your water is supplied by South Staffs and you are having significant money problems.
south-staffs-water-logo South Staffs WaterSure if on low income and receive income-related benefits
 severn trent water logo


Severn Trent Water Big difference scheme

Severn Trent Water’s Big Difference Scheme is available to all customers and can provide extra help for customers finding it difficult to pay water charges.




Council Tax

There may be discounts on council tax, see the council’s website for details

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council




Phone and Internet

Mobile phones, home internet and home phone lines have become essential for modern life, but they don’t have to be expensive. Here’s a few ideas to try:

One phone call to your provider – are you on the best tariff for your usage?

Ask for a cheaper deal, or threaten to leave; they will often be able to offer a discount to keep you as a customer

Shop around – there are often special deals available

Pay by Direct Debit if possible – often the cheapest way to pay.

It is possible to live without them saving even more money.

Libraries now offer free internet.


How often do you use it? Could you spend that money on something else to keep your fitness fresh?



Car and Travel