Uploading documents

The upload link is not working at the moment, we are working on it and it will be operational as soon as possible. These are your options for sending us bank statements and other documents:

Open Banking

If you are a Member and use internet banking to access your bank account then Open Banking is the most secure and simplest way to share your information with us. Just contact us and ask us for your link to share your transaction data with us. 

Internet banking

You can share documents with us securely with internet banking. Log in (or activate if you’ve not yet enabled internet banking) and follow the link to Documents then +upload.

Not sure how to download PDFs of your bank statements? See our page https://www.advancecu.org.uk/bank-statements with some tips on how to download bank statements from most bank and building society internet banking


Less secure, but if you email your documents to us with the subject ‘bank statements’ to info@advancecu.org.uk