Cost of Living – Food


Try something you’ve not done before- not only can you save money, food can be more enjoyable and healthier too.

  1. Slow cooker£22 from Argos 10p/hour. Recipes from BBC Food
  2. Batch cook – cook more than you need, box and freeze the rest for another day. 
  3. Fortnightly menus – easier to budget and plan ahead
  4. Recipes – only buy the ingredients you know you’ll need
  5. Shopping list – only buy what’s on your list. 
  6. Be a savvy shopper – we have a growing network of Food Pantries across the Midlands – pay just a few pounds for your groceries yourlocalpantry.co.uk
  7. Meals for £1 per person from Good to Know
  8. Creative cheap meals from Jack Monroe
  9. Free Foodnot as difficult as you might think
  10. Share more and cut food waste from Olio
  11. Cook everything in the Oven – cheaper than using the oven, hob and microwave to cook all your ingredients. 
  12. Cook from scratch – Processed foods are more expensive and contain too much sugar and salt. 
  13. Tin of passata or chopped tomatoes instead of a Dolmio jar. Better for you as less sugar and salt. 
  14. Fakeaway not Takeaway – some tips from Asda
  15. Involve the kids – chop vegetables, mixing, tasting – enjoy it more when contributed.  
  16. Snacks – a small handful of frozen peas straight from the freezer. A kids favourite. 
  17. Fridge Freezer – 
    • full is more efficient than empty. Bottles of water can help fill empty shelves
    • Organised – know where everything is so it’s easier to find then the door won’t be open for long. 
    • keep the door closed. fridge freezers cycle off and on to maintain the temperature. So only open the door when need to retrieve an item. 
    • Don’t turn the fridge freezer off at the wall overnight. Turning it off forces it to work harder to get to the correct temperature. Plus increased risk of food poisoning. 
    • Temperature of the fridge should be between 3 and 5C degrees
    • Freezer temperature should be -18C

Useful Websites

https://helpforhouseholds.campaign.gov.uk/ – Government website of support for household bills including utilities help, discounts, supermarket offers

https://www.moneyhelper.org.uk/en# – meals on a budget


https://cookingonabootstrap.com/ – Jack Monroe’s guide to cooking on a budget

listen to BBC Clever about Cash – Food shopping for less