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Annual General Meeting 10th March 2018

Many thanks to all our members who attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 10th March 2018; our biggest ever attendance! We are pleased to confirm that the meeting approved the recommended 1% dividend. This will be credited to member’s savings as soon as we can.

We were delighted to welcome Jack Dromey, MP for Erdington (and an Advance Credit Union member), stepping in as guest speaker and we do appreciate his enthusiastic support for the work of Advance Credit Union.

Our new venue the Oikos Cafe seemed to work well. Let us know what you thought of this year’s AGM and if we can make any improvements for next year.

Copies of the accounts 2016/17 are available to download or paper copies are available in our Erdington office. The Presentation is also available to download


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Advance Credit Union at Chelmsley Wood – closed 26th February 2018

Advance Credit Union has now closed our desk at Solihull Connect in Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, the last date was 26th February 2018.

Our thanks to Solihull Council and the staff at Solihull Connect for their warm welcome and allowing us to use their desk space over the last year. We’ve learnt a lot from operating a sub-office and hopefully will be back in Chelmsley Wood again soon!

Members can still pay in cash and cheques at the cash desk in Solihull Home Options just a short walk away on Coppice Way.



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See our other credit union community locations in Chelmsley Wood

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