FlexiPlan Loan

Try our loan calculator for an idea of your loan repayments and interest. Select the value of loan required, FlexiPlan loans are repaid over 24 months. The interest rate is 30% on the decreasing balance (34.5%APR). This loan payment calculator is for illustration purposes only. Loan offers are subject to status and affordability.

FlexiPlan is a 24 month loan agreement with a pre-approved credit limit up to £1,000. You pay an agreed monthly repayment, you can top-up a minimum of £200 every 16 weeks. Quick and easy to top-up, no need to complete a loan application form; just let us know and we will transfer the loan to your bank account! All for an affordable monthly repayment. Loans are only available to existing Credit Union members with a good history of saving and borrowing with us for at least 18 months.

Not yet a member of Advance Credit Union? Not to worry, you can still apply for a FirstChoice loan! If you are granted a loan you will automatically become a member.

Our loans are the most competitive in the market, see how a £500 loan compares with other lenders:


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Our rates are fixed at 2.5% per month (typical 34.5%APR)

There are no surprises – our rates are fixed and won’t increase during the term of your loan.

24 month loan agreement.

FlexiPlan loans are subject to credit check and affordability check.

Unsure if you can afford to borrow with Advance? Try our Budget Planner to ensure you can afford repayments of your EasyPlan loan.

You will build up a history of saving and borrowing with Advance Credit Union as you repay your FlexiPlan loan which will qualify you for a lower interest rate and lower weekly repayments.

Build up your savings too and you may become eligible for a Select Loan at even lower rates!


  • Fixed interest rate during the term of your loan
  • Top Ups permitted every 16 weeks (minimum £200)
  • Free money health check; we will let you know if we spot any concerns about your finances
  • Save-as-you-borrow £3 per week added to your savings
  • Free life insurance (conditions apply)
  • Increase your borrowing up to £1,000 (conditions apply)
  • Build up your savings and become eligible for a Select Loan
  • Loan amount paid direct into your bank account or onto a Engage Account
  • Repay by payroll deduction, benefits, standing order
  • Boost your credit history

Contact us if you wish to apply for a FlexiPlan loan.

You will need to supply proof of income and expenditure and may be required to provide proof of identity and proof of address:

  1. Pay slips/ proof of benefit for the last three months (or equivalent)
  2. Bank Statements for the last three months
  3. ID – 2 forms of Identification. See our Join page for the list of Suggested forms of Acceptable ID
  4. Information on all existing loans, credit cards and other debts
  5. Proof of your National Insurance Number
  6. Proof of any other income (e.g. CSA payments)

We will send you an email or text message when your loan decision is made, usually within 3 days however it can take up to 7 days depending upon demand.

If you have an email address we will email the loan agreement for you to sign, plus your repayment schedule.

Please also be sure to read our Loan Guidelines

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