Having a new baby is one of life’s great events, but there is so much to do, and lots to plan for. Including your money! Research has found that the average mum will spend nearly £4,000 in the first year. We don’t believe that it has to cost that much, but it helps to plan, and these tips and resources will help keep the costs under control

  • Budget – we know you don’t want to, but making a list of things you will need and estimating how much they will cost with the Baby Costs Calculator is your starting point
  • Friends and Family – they are as excited as you are, and would love to buy something for the new little one. Show them your list of things so they know they are buying something you would really value, and makes them feel involved in your new baby’s life.
  • Secondhand – FreecycleBargainPagesLootGumtreeeBay – there are loads of ways to get what you need cheaper or even for free.
  • Have a clear out – babies take up space, a lot of space! Why not sell or give away spare stuff you no longer need to make space and make some money too
  • Shop around – can you get the pram you want cheaper elsewhere?
  • Ask – friends and family will tell you what worked for them, which gadgets are useful and which are a waste of money.
  • Claim benefits – do you know what benefits you are entitled to? Turn2Us may help
  • Child Benefit – many of our members pay their child benefit into Credit Union – a great way to save, and you can use this to repay your loan
  • Engage Account – the safe alternative to cash
  • Get your teeth checked – You are entitled to free prescriptions and dental care
  • Free stuff –.PampersAptamilBoots Parenting ClubTescoBounty and many more. They all want you to buy their products and often give away free samples to try.
  • Forums – great place to get advice such as netmumsMoneysavingexpert,
  • Save! Now! The sooner you start saving regularly the less stressful it will be. Advance Credit Union can set up a Savings account just for your baby spending. Just tell us your baby due date and we will help you save regularly for your big day.
  • Wait – You don’t need everything on your list before baby is born. Just get the essentials, then you will have a better idea of what you need when little one arrives.
  • Plain and simple is good – Babies will be sick; nice clothes don’t stay nice for very long. They only need basic babygrows, plus a few special outfits for showing off your little one.
  • Get ‘app-y there are loads of really useful iPhone and Android apps to help prepare for a baby.
  • Not feeling so happy? Not everyone finds this time easy, Acacia is a local charity providing support to those suffering pre and post-natal depression.
  • Budget – Did we mention that already? Now is the time to sort out your family finances, use a budget planner to help reduce your outgoings.
  • Manage the household – our Household expenses page is a useful place to help get best value on life’s essentials.
  • Money Advice Service’s interactive ‘Having a baby’ timeline helps you see what is coming up, benefits you may be able to claim for, planning maternity leave, paternity leave, when you can claim for free prescriptions and lots more

How Advance Credit Union can help

Child Benefit loan could help spread the cost of your new baby. Plus, you’ll be saving every week too!


Engage card

Engage Account offers great cashback rewards and discounts at Asda, Argos, M&S, Debenhams and many more. Plus your Engage Visa card is accepted wherever you see the Visa logo (see terms and conditions)

Start saving  – whatever your plans, saving regularly with AdvanceCU is a great way to put some money aside for your future.

Christmas Club now you have an extra present to buy 😉 why not join other credit union members saving for Christmas. A small amount every week or month soon grows to a tidy sum.