Moving to a new rental property? Buying your first home? Moving house? Whatever your plans, moving can get expensive and it is easy to get carried away with stuff you don’t really need. So how to keep a roof over your head without losing your shirt?

  • Budget – we always say this, but making a list of all the things you’ll need to pay for is the best way to make sure you don’t get caught out with unexpected costs.
  • Friends and Family – they are often willing to help out, so show them your list of things you need or maybe they could help in a practical way – help you move, clean the new house.
  • Secondhand – FreecycleBargainPagesLootGumtreeeBay – there are loads of ways to get what you need cheaper or even for free. Great for the big stuff like furniture. Make sure there is a fire safety label secured to sofas, etc. to be sure it is fire resistant.
  • Have a clear out – before you move get rid of the stuff you just don’t need any more; it will make moving that little bit easier. Why not give away or sell spare stuff and make some money too
  • Shop around – can you get the furniture you need cheaper elsewhere?
  • Save! Now! The sooner you start saving regularly the less stressful it will be. Advance Credit Union can set up a Savings account just for your new home. Just tell us when you plan to move and we will help you save regularly for your big day.
  • Wait – You don’t need everything on the day you move in. Just get the essentials, then you will have a better idea of what you really need.
  • Budget – Did we mention that already? Now is the time to sort out your family finances to be sure you can afford to live in your new home. See our guide to Household Expenses for tips on cutting your bills.

How Advance Credit Union can help

Credit union loan could help manage your money. Many of our members use their credit union loan to spread the cost while building up their savings.


Start saving  – whatever your plans, saving regularly with AdvanceCU is a great way to put some money aside for your future.

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