Engage cardThe recent issues concerning Engage Accounts sort code have now been successfully resolved.

Members with an Engage Account are again able to transfer money in and out of their accounts from external bank accounts. Members receiving benefits or other deposits directly to their Engage Account should receive their payments as expected from Thursday 6pm onwards.

This issue only affects members who have payments including benefits sent directly to their Engage Account between Tuesday 1st May and 6pm Thursday 4th May. Unfortunately these payments have been returned to the sender. Members should contact the sender including DWP if they believe benefits and other payments have not been received. If you have not received child tax credits contact HMRC Customer Services on 0345 300 3900. HMRC staff have been informed of the issue and will be able to assist in making the necessary arrangements for a faster payment to be sent to you.

Any outgoing payments that were scheduled to leave Engage Accounts between Tuesday 1st May and 6pm Thursday 4th May have not been paid, these will be recredited today by 12noon. Any outgoing payments scheduled after Thursday 3rd May from 6pm will be processed as normal.

Most Engage Account members have benefits and other payments paid directly to Advance Credit Union, these have not been affected. Share withdrawals and loans have been paid onto Members’ Engage Accounts as usual. Please note that due to the bank holiday on Monday, child benefit has been paid on Friday 4th May. 

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you have any specific concerns about this issue then contact Engage Customer Services on 0333 202 3642